Custom Web Design vs Cheap Web Templates

The reason is simple – templates are too generic and offer less value than a custom-made design specific to your company goals and subject matter. Template websites are designed to be sold to you and not to your customers. Many business owners fall into the trap thinking that if the template looks good to them, it will look good to their clients. This is not necessarily true.

Think of your homepage as a billboard with people driving by… zoom… you have seconds to show them what you have to offer. You need to look professional and clean. Your site should promote your business, not the template company.
The designers of those templates has very little to do with your company. They never talked to you; never asked you a single question. The only criteria by which you select a good or bad template is based on your personal assessment of what is good or bad. If you have great expertise in the design field, you may be qualified to make such assumption; most people do not.

Consider the following before choosing a template website:

Time is money
The time needed to customize a template of your choice to your liking and entering appropriate copy could take you as long as it takes us to create a custom design. And remember, some parts of a template can’t be changed by the average person. If the template has a picture of fruit, you’re probably stuck with fruit. Want vegetables instead? Sorry. It’s a template trying to accommodate the most people; no graphics changes allowed. You’re stuck with whatever graphic is there.

Lack of Content
Most templates are set up with little or no content. Most have gobbledy-gook called ‘lore ipsum’ or ‘greek type’ in place of real content. Anything that is there is probably so generic, it does nothing to sell your business. You need to write all of the content for your website. That may be a very daunting task to most – and time consuming. Hiring a writer or marketing person is a good plan to get your ideas across correctly, but is an added expense.

Over-designed templates
Most template websites are over designed with all possible features, whistles, sounds, icons, gadgets etc to make them look finished, polished and sellable to you. A good website doesn’t have to rely on bells and whistles, rather is based on good design that supports the content and branding of your business. Marketing and advertising are an important part of your website content.

Inconsistent Branding
Many templates have placeholder for your logo (usually small in the top corner). This is too generic to work with your logo and create positive branding. The design process starts with a logo then a website design, not other way around, as is the case with all templates.

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