Get seen fast on google search with 3 simple tips

There are a lot of SEO methods that can be used in getting a new site indexed fast or just within the first 24 hours. As for this blog, I managed to have it indexed by Google on the very same date that it was launched (sites are acknowledged by search engines if you can see it on the SERP). Basically, this entry will share some of the techniques I know that really works in setting your site out there in the open and visible to the search engine public.

1. Creation of XML Sitemap, sitemap submission through Google Webmaster Tools and building backlinks pointing to your sitemap. Well, this one is optional, but I highly recommend this especially if your site is not getting any visits from search engine soldiers, I mean bots, for days. Some say that sitemaps are only good for big websites, but I completely disagree with that. It’s important because it can ensure each page on your site is crawled by search engine bots, and it’s always best to make certain of it.

2. Submit your URL to Google. Very self-explanatory and is so easy to do. You’ll probably complete this task within minutes. Click here to index your website.

3. Make use of Social Media Profiles as soon as you launch your site. Create a new Twitter, Squidoo and Facebook fan page account specifically for your website immediately, even with or without fans or followers. Include your site’s URL in the bio! These social networking sites have high-speed crawl rates and bots immediately peek on their new pages, so take advantage of it. My first backlink actually came from Twitter, then Squidoo and most of my traffic (at the moment) are coming from them.

4. Commenting on authority blogs within your niche. How to identify one? That’s simple! Just type your targeted keyword on Google search and you’ll find these sites competing for the top spot and sitting on rank 1 to 10 on Google’s SERP. But first, check each of them and don’t leave any comments yet. You still have to find out if they have a good PR (at least 3), allows dofollow comments and if they have a “recent comments plugin”.

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