Top 10 reasons your business needs a website

Reason #1 Establish a presence.

Over 1 billion people these days have access to the Internet and search every day to find a business like yours. Do not ignore them. Not many people use thick, heavy YellowPages anymore.

Reason #2 Website address is easier to remember.

Sometimes you have a split second to get to your customers. Website address (i.e. is definitely easier to remember than your postal address or phone number.

Reason #3 Credibility.

Ask yourself a question: Would you rather choose a business with or without an online presence? Answer seems to be easy, isn’t it?

Reason #4 Your business is open while you sleep.

Website is on for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No cost, no labour involved. No overtime either. It can customize information to match customer needs and collect important information that will put you ahead of the competition, even before they get into the office.

Reason #5 Increases the geographic range of your business.

If you are a small business, rely on a foot-traffic and referrals for your business. By leveraging the Internet, potential customers outside your immediate geographic area can also find your business.

Reason #6 Network.

It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know. A business card without a website is incomplete. The first thing people ask for after a conversation is; “What is your web address?” That is the place they expect to read more about your company, services, opening hours, etc.

Reason #7 Improved customer service.

Do you hear the same questions over and over again? Are you tired spending so much time on the phone? If the answer is yes, there is nothing better like having FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online, through which you can reduce customer service costs and save yourself time and money. You can provide more information than cannot be covered on a business card or flyer.

Reason #8 Low Cost Marketing.

When compared to the costs associated with traditional advertising methods such as direct mail, newspaper or magazine ads, or even radio and television, the cost of a web site is nominal and brings far better ROI (Return on investment).

Reason #9 Build a customer database.

With a website, you can build a customer database to save contacts about people who visit your web site. This can enable you to keep in touch with customers who have purchased your products, leaving you the ability to send a follow-up e-mail, or occasionally sending them information about new products or promotions.

Reason #10 Open an online store, at a FRACTION of the cost of a physical store.

E-commerce web site allows you to display all your products without the need for a physical store. This means no rent, no utilities, no property and liability insurance, no property taxes, no repair and maintenance, no supplies, and none of the associated labor costs.

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